camping ecologie saint georges de didonne

Ecological campsite in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne

Our campsite is committed to sustainable development: together we can preserve the environment and limit the impact of man on nature! We have thus set up a complete approach aiming at reducing our consumption. You can also contribute by simple gestures during your stay.


What we do

camping nature charente maritimecamping nature saint georges de didonne

Landscape integration

We use local shrubs and plantings. Watering is done early in the morning or late in the evening during hot weather.

We also use natural materials (especially wood) for the construction of the campsite Le Dauphin : mobile home terraces, parasols, children’s games, etc…

Water consumption management

Foamers are installed on the taps of our sanitary facilities and mobile homes. The showers in the sanitary facilities have a timer system. A water saver is installed on each flush of our toilets (sanitary and mobile homes).

Each mobile home is equipped with an individual meter.

Our staff is trained in leak detection.

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economie electricite saint georges de didonne

Electricity savings

All our accommodations are equipped with low consumption bulbs and double glazing. The lighting of the alleys of the campsite is done by solar energy led lamps. The sanitary facilities are equipped with motion detectors for lighting.

Individual meters are installed at residents’ mobile homes with billing for excess electricity consumption (this encourages clients to turn off the heat and lights when the unit is unoccupied).

Reception and administration

We reuse used paper as draft. We favor e-mail exchanges over mailings and we prefer to send mail by “green letter” rather than by “priority letter”.

Maintenance and cleaning

We use steam cleaners and eco-labeled cleaning products. The cleaning products made available to customers in the rentals (welcome kit) are certified Eco Label.

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Waste management

A selective sorting is in place with a garbage room with :

  • yellow containers for recyclable waste,
  • a glass column

We raise customer awareness by posting signs and handing out a practical guide for sorting, included in the welcome booklet.
A recycling bin for used batteries is also available at the reception.

NEW in 2020: Setting up a cork recovery bin in collaboration with Echo Mer, an environmental protection association: once crushed, these corks are transformed into poufs and cushions or into insulating material for houses. Thus, 2 to 3 tons of corks are recycled each year and since 2012, 10 houses have been insulated thanks to this crushed cork!

Local economy

Local products are on sale at the grocery store (especially fruits and vegetables from local producers – “short circuits” favored).

We organize a small market in the afternoon with the reception of local producers for the sale of typical products (Pineau des Charentes, wines, etc…).

Extensive documentation, highlighting local tours and heritage, is available at the reception desk to encourage the discovery of the region.

The menu of the restaurant and the bar propose typical and seasonal products (mussels of the region, oysters, fish, Cognac, etc…).

We choose local craftsmen for the work in the campsite.

marche producteurs locaux saint georges de didonnemarche saint georges de didonne
transports commun saint georges de didonne

What the customer can do

The campsite makes its customers aware of this through various means of display and by giving them a welcome booklet with explanations.

Adopt water-saving measures (e.g. do not let water run unnecessarily).

Use electrical appliances responsibly (e.g. turn off lights when leaving).

Sort your waste using the containers provided in the garbage room (yellow bins for recyclable paper and plastic waste, glass column, etc.) and deposit used batteries in the dedicated bin at the reception desk.

Limiting car travel to favor local consumption. The campsite has a grocery store on site and other shops nearby. Also note the proximity of public transport (bus stop at 300m) and a bicycle rental company (at 500m).

Take part in our animations and relax by the pool