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Sustainable development

Panoramique Développement durable Camping Le Dauphin à Saint Georges de Didonne Royan

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Sustainable development

Our campsite supports sustainable development : together we can preserve the environment and limit human impact on nature.
We have introduced several measures in order to reduce our consumption.
You can also make your contribution during your staying by adopting some simple green gestures that help to protect the environment.

What we do

Landscape integration

We use local shrubs and plantations. Watering is done early in the morning or late at night during periods of high heat.

We also use natural materials (especially wood) for the construction of the campsite's infrastructures: terraces for mobile homes, parasols, children's games, etc ...

Policy on water use

Foamers at the taps of our toilets and mobile homes are installed. Showers in sanitary blocks are equipped with a water saving timer system. A water saver is installed on each flush of our toilets (sanitary and mobile homes).

All our mobile homes have individual water meters.

Our staff is trained for leak detection.


All our rental units are equipped with low energy bulbs and double glazing. The lighting of the aisles of the campsite is done by solar LED streetlights. The sanitary are equipped with motion detectors for lighting.

Individual meters are installed in the mobile homes of the residents with billing for electrical over-consumption (this encourages customers to switch off the heating and turn it off at the lights when the accommodation is unoccupied).

Reception desk and management

We reuse used paper as a draft. We favor exchanges by mail compared to postal items and we prefer to send mail by « green letter » rather than by « priority letter ».

Cleaning and housekeeping

We use steam cleaning machines and ecological green cleaning products.

The cleaning products made available to customers in the rentals (welcome kit) are Ecolabel certified.

Waste policy

Selective sorting is in place with a garbage :

  • yellow bins for recyclable plastics and papers,
  • a glass recycling container

Our guests are informed about it though information display and also a specific leaflet about waste sorting is given upon arrival.

A battery bin is also available at the reception desk.

NEW 2020: Installation of a cork stoppers recycling bin in collaboration with Echo Mer, an environmental protection association: once crushed, these stoppers are transformed into pouffes and cushions or even insulation material for homes. Thus, 2 to 3 tonnes of corks are recycled each year and since 2012 10 houses have been isolated thanks to this crushed cork!

Local economy

Local products are sold by our the grocery store, in particular fruits and vegetables coming from local producer (in order to encourage « short food circuits »).

We organise every afternoon a small market where local and typical products are sold (Pineau des Charentes, wines, etc).

We highlight our local heritage thanks to a large choice of brochures available at the reception desk in order to encourage the discovery of the region.

The restaurant and drinks menu include typical and seasonal products (oysters, mussels, fish, Cognac, etc).

We perefer choosing local craftsmen for interventions at the campsite.

What our guests can do

We araise awareness of sustainable development among our guests by differents meanings of display and an information sheet including suggestions for protecting the environment is given to all clients upon arrival.

Adopting thrifty management of water (for instance avoiding letting the water run unnecessarily)

Electric devices should be used responsibly (for instance by switching the lights off when leaving the rental)

Everybody can contribute with waste sorting, as differents bins are at disposal in the bin storage area (yellow bins for plastic bottles, papers, cans and aerosols sparys, and also a glass recycling container); batteries can be dropped in the special bin at the reception desk.

We suggest to limit car trips in order to improve local economy. A grocery store is available within the campsite and some other shops are nearby; also public transport is provided close by (the bus stop is only 300m away) and a bike rental is only 500 m from the campsite (bike paths all around).